10 things we love about Drupal

Posted on: Wed, 08/10/2011 - 18:35 By: Julia
Drupal 7 CMS is one of our favourite things to get out of the box

Drupal a powerful, flexible, scalable CMS

As we're muttering and stuttering through, say, a Monday morning, and nothing seems to be going to plan, sometimes its good to reflect on the positives in life. So thoughts for the day are ten things we really love about Drupal.

  1. Powerful, flexible and high quality (that's three in one - but actually I'm having quite a good day and I just realised there are more than ten things we love about Drupal). As they say 'Quality will out' and with Drupal the quality is readily apparent in the product, in the code and in the friendly and useful user community.

  2. Drag and Drop Taxonomy editing – change the interconnectedness of all things with ease.

  3. Scalability and variety: sites big, small and completely different to each other can be welcomed, packaged and sent out into the web in a shiny wrapper. And so much comes ready straight out of the box.

  4. Back to variety; Drupal isn't just good for building community sites, it lends itself to e-commerce, blogs, document management, company websites, galleries of images, to name but a few, and in fact any kind of web site where you want one or more people to be able to update and add content or interact with the site.  Feature-rich Drupal can provide shopping baskets, calendars, image galleries, forums, polls and lots lots more.

  5. SEO's. Meta-tags and Title modules (find out more here) allows you to set tags individually for each page. Simple but fantastic.

  6. Powerful and flexible (there are those words again), granular role and privileges system: make many flavours of user with different levels and ranges of permissions – from all-powerful cms administrator, to editor, to guest user wanting to leave a comment and anything you want in between.

  7. Theming as easy as ABC (well CSS actually) and a plethora of existing themes for tight budgets. The 'color' module even lets you customise some of these. The page and node templates give the developer and designer even more power to mould and change and CCK allows them to cherry pick data and tag it for the CSS. In easy terms Drupal enables easy theme customisation, that doesn't involve hacking the core system – so you don't have to tinker with your design every time you update, and when you want to tinker there aren't 200 other files that also need changing.

  8. Support - Drupal.org (link here) is packed full of documentation, handbooks and forums, and there is rarely a problem someone hasn't had already. Drupal Cookbooks pass on how-tos including the code. There are plenty of experts online happy to help out, and lots of Drupal elves behind the scenes constantly mixing and fixing. There are regular updates, excellent forums and IRC chat networks (Drupal channels here) and overall Drupal is improving and evolving every day/constantly.

  9. Extensible/ extendible - you can add extra bits. Already feature rich, and out of the box customisable (modules galore) – you can also add your own. With some big organisations committed to Drupal, module contribution and maintenance tends to be to a high standard. There is also a high level of integration possible, with API functions.

  10. It's Open Source - and therefore FREE, so we can provide our customers with excellent content management systems at a low cost, and so we can offer more for less.


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